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Subtitle Night Of The Demons

With the release of Vampire Savior in 1997, Capcom published the secret file titled "Demon's Damnation," which is a play the possible subtitle for Vampire Savior, Jedah's Damnation. The outside of the work is a mock up of a horror VHS tape with the tag line "From the Deepest Bottom of the Hell, Here comes..." On the back of the Secret File, mock screen shots from a anime appear featuring B.B.Hood, Jedah Dohma and Q-Bee.

subtitle Night of the Demons

Tales from the Flat Earthis a complex work composed of five volumes, published over a ten-yearperiod: Night's Master(1978), Death's Master(1979), Delusion's Master (1981),Delirium's Mistress (1986), and Night's Sorceries (1987). It is likely thatTanith Lee did not originally envision it as a unified work. When the firstthree were published, the subtitle for the first and third was An AdultFantasy; the second, An Epic Novel of Adult Fantasy. The subtitle, Talesfrom the Flat Earth, first appeared with volume four. It was then elevatedto the main title in a hardcover edition of the first three. While it isprobably best to read them in order, the second can be read before the firstwithout undue harm, since the stories are largely independent of each otherand references in the second to the first are not very important. The fourth,however, is a continuation of the third. The fifth, which takes place atthe same time as the fourth, is composed of material that seemingly didnot fit into the fourth.

Although Lee uses the term "earth," her flat earth is a middle-earth.Above is Upperearth, the home of the gods, who spend their time sleepingand thinking in a simplified landscape. Below are two realms, Underearth,the home of Azhrarn, Prince of Demons and Prince of Wickedness, and Innerearth,the home of Uhlume, Lord Death. Uhlume's realm is filled with dead spirits,who, because they made bargains with him, are contractually obligated toremain with him for one thousand years. Arhrarn's kingdom, known as DruhimVanashta, is filled with three classes of demons, over whom Azhrarn rules:the Vazdru, the Eshva, and the Drin. The Vazdru, male and female, are lordly,beautiful demons of the same sort as Azhrarn himself, capable of transformingthemselves into animals, particularly eagles. The Eshva, male and female,are dreamy servants of the Vazdru, moody, emotional beings, who speak onlywith expressions and melancholy sighs. The third, apparently all male, arethe Drin, ugly dwarflike beings. They are great craftsmen, who spend mostof their time making beautiful things to please their lord. All three groupsregularly visit earth, where they cause a great deal of trouble arbitrarily.

Death's Master begins with the storyof Narasen, Queen of Merh. One day while hunting leopards, she is accostedby a magician named Issak, who vows that he will have his way with her thatnight and that she will not be able to prevent it. Despite her best efforts,the magician succeeds in entering her bed chamber, where Narasen, pretendingto be cooperative, manages to kill him by stabbing him through the ear.Before dying, however, he pronounces a curse, according to which Narasenand Merh will both become barren. Although the curse can overcome if Narasengives birth to a child, the curse includes a provision that prevents thissolution: "Your reluctant womb will never quicken from the seed ofliving man." After endless attempts to conceive a child, Narasen decidesto save her land by making a deal with Uhlume through his agent, Lylas,a witch living in a nearby dwelling known as the House of the Blue Dog.In return for helping her conceive a child from a dead man, she will spenda thousand years in Uhlume's kingdom after her death. Unfortunately forNarasen, she dies shortly after childbirth from a poison administered byher doctor on order of the general heading her army (and provided by Lylas,who is jealous of Narasen).

After Narasen is locked in her tomb with her new born child, Simmu, Uhlumecomes to claim her, leaving behind the child, who nevertheless is rescuedby two passing Eshva, stirred by "great curiosity, a bottomless, limpiddesire to meddle in human affairs." For some period of time thereafterSimmu lives with the Eshva by night, developing Eshva abilities, for example,learning how to change gender from male to female and back again at will.Eventually tiring of the child, the Eshva leave Simmu at a temple near Merh,where he grows up among monks and becomes emotionally involved with hisonly friend, another boy named Zhirem. This young man is the son of a king,who was secretly made invulnerable to all harm by being dunked in a wellof fire as part of an arrangement between his mother and a hag, the guardianof the well. When the king became aware of the unusual power of his son,however, he cast his wife out into the desert and sent his son off to bea monk, where perhaps he might eventually be freed of demons. Once theyare grown, Simmu and Zhirem become separated during tragic events and misunderstandingsat the beginning of their monk apprenticeships and in succession becomethe tools of Azhrarn and Uhlume respectively in a personal struggle betweenthe two Lords of Darkness, initiated by Azhrarn, apparently on whim. Inaddition to his struggle with Azhrarn, Uhlume also finds Narasen more thanhe can handle. Narasen gets permission from Uhlume to spend one day in Merh,where she promptly gets revenge by destroying her city. Upon her return,she gradually takes over the supervision of Innerearth from Uhlume, earningthe name "Lady Death." Saving Simmu from Narasen during her raidon Merh, Azhrarn has Simmu carry out a quest to obtain water from a wellof immortality, the Cistern of Life, which he came across in Upperearthwhile seeking aid from the gods in the previous tale. The point of thisplot is to eventually kill Death, or Uhlume, by bringing death to an end.To prevent drops of water from the well from ever becoming available tohumanity, Lylas, on instruction from Uhlume, creates an elaborate religiouscenter at the site of a second well, designed by the gods to catch any fluidthat might drop if the well above should for some reason crack. After manyadventures, Simmu infiltrates the Garden of the Golden Daughters as a femaleand engages in activity that cracks the well, releasing water of immortality,which he and one of the Golden Daughters, Kassefeh, carry away into thedesert, and use to establish Simmurad, the City of Simmu, a city of immortalhumans.

The story picks up hundreds of years later as seven thousand pilgrimsdance across the desert to worship the gods at Bhelsheved, the tower whereJasrin was exiled. Each night the pilgrims experience strange happenings.Among these, Azhrarn in disguise as a prophet tells the pilgrims that ademon, a Lord of Darkness, not the gods, is the savior of humanity, andfor his trouble he is lashed with a whip, shedding three drops of demonblood. Azhrarn continues his activities in Bhelsheved, but is suddenly divertedby the beauty of a young priestess, Dunizel, who, realizing Azhrarn's intentions,offers to sacrifice herself to avert his wrath. Turning into a wolf, hebites off her lower arm, but hesitates when she holds out the stub and encourageshim to bite again. Remembering his own sacrifice to Hatred, Azhrarn changeshis mind, heals her with his own blood, and then falls in love with her.

For those who don't want to launch into a story comparable in lengthto The Lord of the Rings, there area few one-volume books that can serve as samplers: Volkhavaar(1977), East of Midnight (1977), andmost recently Black Unicorn (1991).Bear in mind, however, that Lee writes in a variety of styles and genres- fantasy, science fiction, and horror. In her most recent work, The Secret Books of Paradys, she is focusedon horror in the context of what appears to be the French Revolution.

Despite the delay, Ubisoft intrigued a lot of fans when it unveiled the next game in it rebellious hacker franchise, Watch Dogs Legion. Taking place in a slightly cyberpunk London setting, players will take on the role of... Well, everybody. Not every NPC per se, but the game intends on allowing players to recruit whomever they wish throughout London to join the resistance. That's likely where the game's subtitle, Legion, comes into play.

It seems Ubisoft is borrowing some etymology from either Roman or possibly biblical origins for Watch Dogs Legion's subtitle. Symbolism in the word "legion" can be interpreted many ways, whether it's to be taken literally or have a deeper and true meaning. It's almost certainly involved with what will likely be an integral part of the core gameplay loop, swapping between various characters for any given situation. Collectively these characters will make up the game's cast of vigilantes seeking to take back freedom in near-future London.

The word can be used both positively and negatively, and there's a reason specifically for the negative connotation. Legion also has a Bible-specific definition, though it's a bit darker in the context of Christianity. A legion as described in the bible is a group or gathering of Satanic demons in any context. The word was specifically used in the New Testament, where a "legion" of demons emerges from a man during the Exorcism of the Gerasene demoniac (otherwise known as the "Miracle of the Gadarene Swine"). Academic experts also theorize that this use of the word legion was purposeful, as readers at the time would be familiar with the Roman army. Metaphorically speaking, the use of the word could've been symbolism that Jesus was more powerful than an occupying force from Rome.

The habit of combining one- or two-word titles with a subtitle for foreign release so the public will have a better idea what the work is about. It's a way to give people who haven't heard about the original work an idea of the premise without making it unknown to the people who do know the original work by name. Sometimes the subtitle is a direct translation of the original title (if it is kept in the original language), making the name redundant, or it may be something that explains the plot. 041b061a72


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