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trojans are typically spread via an attachment or link in an e-mail message or a page accessed in a browser. they can also be installed by software that is downloaded from an internet site or by a disk that is inserted into your computer.

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a trojan is designed to run after your computer is rebooted. once installed, the trojan will run automatically to gather information about your computer and send it to a third-party website, often to gather valuable information about you, such as your bank account and credit card numbers.

they are distributed using viruses that attach themselves to something else on your computer: a software program that you just downloaded, a recent e-mail message you received, an attachment in an e-mail message or a video you recently viewed. a person who sends you an e-mail or attaches a file or video to an e-mail message may be intending to help you install a useful program, but it turns out theyre also sending you a trojan horse.

for example, you download a file from a website and accidentally click on a link to malicious software that does not ask you to download anything but instead immediately initiates a connection to a malicious website. some fake ads are designed to play a certain video or game, but instead deliver a harmful virus, spyware or other harmful programs. users must be careful when they download an ad-supported program or agree to an installer's request to show them these or chat messages can trick you into installing trojans. if you receive a message from a friend or someone who you know that wants you to download something like a video game or music player, you may assume that its a legitimate download that you should install. but be careful because sometimes these messages contain a trojan program that allows the sender to control your computer.


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