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Android 12 Icon Pack Mod APK: What You Need to Know Before You Download

Android is an open operating system, which means you can change things to your liking, such as switching to your favorite launcher or changing which icons show on the device. This is why we rounded up our favorite icon packs for our favorite Android devices. So whether you're looking for something low-key like Minimal O or prefer something 3D and flashy like Tigad Pro, you're covered in today's best icon packs on Android roundup, as these choices make up some of the best apps on Android.

There's no shortage of choices within the pack, seeing that there are 6,450+ icons available. And if you run across an app that doesn't have an icon in this pack, there are many choices, and you can find something close that's just as fitting.

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Something about square icons with rounded corners is appealing, as is evident with Borealis and its 50k installs. While this isn't the most popular icon pack on the Play Store, it's still one of the best, thanks to icons that look unique yet uniform, offering a consistent design language. Plus, there's a huge selection of icons, so you should be able to theme most, if not all, of your apps. Comprehensive is putting it lightly. So if you're tired of packs that don't contain all the icons you need, give Borealis a spin.

There are plenty of minimal and dark icon packs on the Play Store. But what about 3D icons? Tigad Pro is an excellent option if you're looking for something striking that doesn't look like any other icon pack. Each icon is displayed on a slight slant to the right, providing a unique look, and the icons are large, filling the screen, which could be ideal for those sick of smaller icons that are hard to tap. Plus, the developer is fairly active, so updates are frequent, bringing new icons to the app to ensure you can theme every app in your drawer.

If you want more control over your icons than a standard pack, perhaps Icon Pack Studio will float your boat. This is an icon creation app, and it can import other packs for editing. So, you can easily create your own designs or tweak the packs you love to ensure they are perfected for your theming needs. This one is for all of you control freaks out there. It's a robust app, and it's easy to use, which is why it's a perfect icon app for today's list.

This icon pack dates back to 2014, with over 1 million installations since its release. To say this is a popular pack is an understatement, which is why it's in today's roundup. This popularity is driven by the fact the pack offers a pleasing design, with sharp edges and bright colors that allow the icons to pop on the screen.

What would a minimal homescreen be without minimal icons? If you're the sort that requires the simplest of icons to pair with a minimally-themed homescreen, Whicons is an excellent choice with its white icons. This icon pack works great with darker backgrounds, as well as gradients, keeping your homescreen and app drawer clean with no colors in the icons to break up the slick look.

This large icon pack from Randle offers 7,548 icons and a few wallpapers. You can safely rely on it since it's been supported with regular updates since 2014. It's an oldie but a goodie, and for a good reason. It's a solid pack that's perfect for minimal themes.

If you prefer dark themes or icons that offer exuberant colors, you'll get a kick out of Ombre. This lively pack offers deep colors that pop off an OLED screen, with more than 4,400 icons. Variants for app icons are included, so you can drill down the theme to your preference. The icon pack also includes a bunch of wallpapers to get you started on your latest theming attempt.

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If you're into Material Design icons and searching for a flat pack with no shadows or other distractions, Flat Square is a standout from FL Design that offers more than 2,900 icons. A slew of launchers is supported, and alternative looks are available for the most popular apps. All the icons are flat squares that fit in great with any Material Design theme, and support is frequent, with new icons added all the time.

Flat Square is a somewhat minimally designed icon pack that stands out from the crowd with its flat Material Design look, which is precisely why this pack is highly rated. For a four-year-old collection, Flat Square is still kicking with gusto.

Don't settle for Material Design icons when you can move up to something designed around Material You, the latest and greatest design language Google introduced with Android 12. Pix Material You Icons offers exactly that: Material You icons for all your favorite apps. Various background colors are supported, along with multiple shapes for the icons. These icons adjust to your wallpaper, just as any Material You pack should (as long as you're on Android 12).

While the Pix Material You Icons pack is a newer release, app coverage and support are pretty good, as updates are frequent. If you're shooting for an Android 12 theme that offers Material You for many app icons while Google is still dragging its feet, Pix Material You Icons is a fresh up-and-comer that's easily worth a look.

Several icon packs offer neon outlines, but Outline Icons is the standout thanks to its gigantic app support with more than 8,400 icons and because its icons look awesome. There's a consistent design language for all the neon-outlined icons, and since 32+ launchers are supported, this pack has some legs as well as longevity, seeing that it's four years old and receives updates every month.

If Whicons white icons don't fit your minimal theming needs, perhaps the sister icon pack Zwart will float your boat. This is a black icon pack from Randle, the creator of Whicons, offering the exact opposite of the white pack. Black icons are best for light themes and wallpapers, but like Whicons, there are 7,548 icons included, so coverage is spectacular for your minimal light-theming needs.

Zwart may be slightly newer than Whicons, seeing that it was launched a year later, but it's an older icon pack that's stood the test of time, and that probably has a lot to do with its excellent support, with the app being updated several times a month.

If you're a gamer or love gamer aesthetics, the 7-Bit - Retro Theme may interest you. This icon pack offers pixilated icons, and each one is hand-crafted. So if you're shooting for an 80s theme, there's a lot here to like, with more than 2,500 icons and a wallpaper picker. The developer includes HDPI icons for large Android screens. Heck, there's even a clock widget, along with Muzei support.

Minimal icon packs are popular, seeing how many are available on the Play Store. Even though Minimalist - Icon Pack is a fairly generic name, this is easily an icon pack worth a look. It's a premium pack, available for $1. Though it comes from the same developer as Minimal O, the differences are clear since this pack offers minimal interpretations of stock icons without any borders or shapes surrounding them.

Olmo might not be the most recognizable pack name on the list, but you can expect more than 5,650 hand-crafted icons that look great on any HD device. The icons are round, which is great for theming (things remain uniform), especially if you're fond of anything close to the stock Pixel look. Plus, the developer is active, so you can expect updates with new icons added, ensuring the pack remains as useful as possible.

Minimal icons are all the rage, and while Whicons gets the job done quite well, perhaps it doesn't quite float your boat. In comes Flight Lite to save the day. Since it's a lite listing, you can try it for free, and if you like what you see, you can unlock the full pack through an in-app purchase. More or less, you get a boatload of single-color icons in white, and since the app is regularly updated, you can expect new icons to arrive for free and paid users, like the most recent update that added 50 new icons to the mix.

When you eventually get sick of circular icons, Verticons will up your rectangle game. This icon pack offers tall rectangular icons, with more than 4,900 individual designs covering 6,000+ apps. While the unique icon shape is the primary draw, you also get 80+ high-resolution wallpapers and a request tool built into the app.

The pack dates back to 2017, but it still sees updates on a monthly basis. If you're worried about a long-term lack of updates, don't fret. The Verticons developer SpaceMan is constantly active across all of its packs.

Now that you've had a chance to look over our best icon pack roundup, hopefully, you've come away with a few choices to dress up your Android device. Seeing that theming is one of the best features of Android, make sure you don't miss out on the awesome packs.

Inspired by the new android 12, these Adaptive Icons were created in the style of Material You.They have a linear icon and background in various colors. They also change shape. For Android 12+, colors of icons and widgets depends on wallpaper. Notes (android 12+):After changing wallpaper, you need to apply icon pack again to change color of the icons.Available in application:- Adaptive icons.- Themed Widgets.- Exclusive thematic Wallpapers.- For the package to work, you must first open the application to check the license.How to use:How do I change the colors of the icons?!Colors change ONLY Android 12! After changing wallpaper / accent system, you need to reapply icon pack (or apply another icon pack, and then immediately this one).Where can I find widgets?On your home screen, long press and select "Widgets", Find "Pix Material You" in list. Typical way, like accessing regular device widgets.Recommended use Launchers:- Nova Launcher (Change Colors Avtomaticaly in A12+ (beta 8.0.4+)).- Smart Launcher (Change Colors Avtomaticaly in A12+ (beta)).- Hyperion (Change Colors Avtomaticaly in A12+ (beta)).- Niagara Launcher (Change Colors Avtomaticaly in A12+).- AIO Launcher (Change Colors Avtomaticaly in A12+).- Action Launcher.- Ruthless Launcher.- Lawnchair.- ...- In Pixel Launcher (stock launcher in Pixel devices) work with app Shortcut Maker.If something does not work for you, you can contact "technical support" in telegram:


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