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[S1E6] Reality Bites

Lee Daniels cast Jackson to star in Tennessee and required her to gain weight for the role, leading to intense media scrutiny.[62] However, she dropped out shortly before it received proper funding to promote her album 20 Y.O., with the part then given to Mariah Carey.[62] In promotion for her then-upcoming Rock Witchu Tour, Jackson developed a potential reality series for MTV, mending her relationship with the network after being blacklisted from various music channels and radio stations for several years, due to fines regarding her Super Bowl halftime show incident.[63][64] Jackson would mentor aspiring performers in search of a prodigy, taking place in various locations rather than a studio.[63] It was to be produced by Jackson, Kenneth Crear, and Dave Broome, but was never released.[63][65] In 2012, she declined judging positions on American Idol and The X Factor.[66][67] Jackson was also announced to executive produce the documentary Truth, following the lives of several transgender people.[68][69]

[S1E6] Reality Bites

After the credits, the remainder of the Smith family of the Cronenberged dimension is shown living out of a van fitted with armor and survival equipment and roasting a dead Cronenberg over a fire. Summer creates her own TV shows standing in a cardboard box while her parents, Jerry and Beth, admit they don't miss Rick and Morty at all and despite the world falling apart, they have actually found happiness. Meanwhile, Cronenberg Rick and Cronenberg Morty transport from a reality they call Cronenberg World in which Cronenberg Rick accidentally turned everyone into normal human beings.

Saitama is busy lazing about and reading manga as Genos' studies his unorthodox training methods, sketching down his every move and antic. The former pinches his brow in frustration contemplating how much of a pain it will be to keep this charade of being his master going. The cyborg mentions his concern over his inactivity over the past few days stating that due to an overabundance of C-Class heroes, the association eventually strike those who are inactive for more than a week from their registry. Shocked and horrified by this revelation, Saitama sets out on patrol before the last day kicks in, having already been inactive as a hero for six days. Saitama rebuffs Genos' request of accompanying him by telling him to train himself in patience; though in reality, Saitama does not know how or in what way to instruct him and spouts things off the top of his head. 041b061a72


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