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Male-biased mortality in young animals is often viewed as adaptive discrimination against male offspring by parents unable to raise reproductively competitive sons. Unequivocal evidence of the presence or absence of parental discrimination against males is lacking, however, and the adaptive interpretation of male-biased mortality is confounded by an alternative explanation that it reflects differential energetic requirements between the sexes (due to sexual selection for large size in mature males) independent of parental manipulation. To determine whether maternal discrimination against offspring explains postnatal mortality in a sexually dimorphic rodent, we examined patterns of growth and mortality in offspring of food-restricted and food-enriched lactating bushy-tailed woodrats, Neotoma cinerea. We also monitored mothers and their litters daily throughout lactation for evidence of maternal discrimination against offspring. Offspring of food-restricted mothers showed depressed growth, and mortality of offspring born to both food-restricted and food-enriched mothers was male-biased, but in the absence of maternal discrimination. Offspring that died were no less likely to be attached to their mother's teats in the 10 days prior to death than were offspring that successfully weaned. Similarly, offspring of food-restricted mothers were attached as often as were offspring of food-enriched mothers. In a series of behavioural arena trials in the first 10 days after birth, restricted mothers were no less attentive toward their sons than they were to their daughters, nor did mothers treat their offspring that did not survive to weaning differently from those that survived. Our findings provide empirical evidence that postnatal, sex-biased mortality in offspring is not necessarily due to parental intervention, and they call into question the adaptive interpretations of previous examples of sex-biased offspring mortality. Copyright 1998 The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour Copyright 1998 The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour.

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