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This is useful for germicidal (germ-killing) UVC radiation technology, although its efficacy depends on radiation intensity, the distance from light source to target, the type of surface being sanitised, and the wavelength at which the UVC is operating.

However, the market is unregulated, with serious concerns about the quality and safety of some dubious devices available for consumers. In 2020, the lighting industry body Global Lighting Association raised its concerns:

We will need trials with rigorous ethical approvals to investigate the full far UVC impact on humans. There is a lack of understanding how far UVC might affect people with thinner outer skin layers, affected by cuts, light sensitivity, or various medical conditions.

This powerful device has a voltage of up to 40 watts, and uses a soft light in its drying process to minimize skin tanning. It's also a hit among Amazon's nail lovers, since it currently holds over 41,000 customer reviews and a 4.5-star rating.

This curved UV lamp automatically activates when it senses your hand or foot, and switches between a regular and lower temperature level if it senses its light is too hot for your skin. Did we mention this device is under $10?

The chart below shows the respective wavelengths (in nm) that different types of UV lamps produce, and where they fall on the UV spectrum. The three different types of UV light bulb available are Blacklight Blue (BLB), Blacklight (BL368), and Germicidal.

While BLB light bulbs are not hazardous to your health in the same way that germicidal UVC light bulbs are, they should always be handled with care. Wear gloves when handling them to avoid contaminating the light bulb, and ensure they are disposed of safely. Avoid long exposure where possible.

Blacklight lamps are not to be confused with the black light blue type described above. While they still fall into the same UVA bracket on the ultraviolet spectrum, the slightly shorter wavelengths (between 350-370nm) result in very different effects. Common uses for these light bulbs include:

These lamps have the shortest UV wavelengths (between 200-280nm) and as a result are potentially the most harmful. Accordingly, extra care should be taken when handling and using these types of UV lights.

You can use shortwave UV light (known as UV-C or germicidal) for this purpose. However, this type of light is very dangerous and has negative health implications if used incorrectly. Please read our other guide Can I use Germicidal Lighting to Prevent Coronavirus which explains the dangers.

As germicidal UVC light is dangerous to be exposed to eyes or skin, so dangerous in fact, that I suspect any handheld UVC germicidal lamp could be fake and only contain a standard disco-type UV light source that has no germicidal properties at all. The only type of germicidal apparatus that should be used needs to be fully enclosed and allow not light to escape.

is UVC light bulb is good for sanitation and to kill for corona Viruses and any other harmful microbe element? what is the precaution before we use UVC light, because UVC germicidal lamp is already sold in the market

I was thinking of making something, using UVC LEDs. What would the range of light be, to kill any pathogens? Or how close would a pathogen be by the LED before its killed?Do you sell the LED types?

Sorry Barry, that is beyond our knowledge too. However, one thing to say is that UV-C is not only dangerous to eyes, but also dangerous if exposed to skin too. We would not recommend tampering with equipment or using these light bulbs outside of a commercially manufactured fully sealed filtration or sterilisation unit.

Generally the UVC lights include a secondary element within the bulb that will make the lamp appear as a blue glow when turned on (Very obvious when lit). However you are correct in that if it was only UVC light, it would be invisible.

UVC has a wavelength of light between 200-280nm, please check the packaging or manufac


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