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When shopping for wine glasses, you may find some labeled as glass and others as crystal and wonder what the difference is. Even though seeing something labeled crystal glass used to mean it was made with lead, many brands nowadays offer lead-free crystal wine glasses. But the truth is that the main difference between crystal and glass is cost, according to our Executive Wine Editor, Ray Isle. "It doesn't matter in terms of tasting," he says.

buy wine glasses online

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Professor Claus Riedel first recognised that the shape of a glass can alter the overall experience and enjoyment of a wine, which helped to promote and enhance the world of the wine connoisseur. Now there are common rules applied to wine glasses, with different shapes for red wine glasses and for white wine glasses.While wine glasses can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, if you want to enter the world of a wine connoisseur you will need to know the difference between red wine glasses and white wine glasses to get the most out of your drinking experience.

A red wine glass will usually feature a shorter stem than that of white wine glasses. This is because while white wines are usually served chilled, red wines are served at warmer temperatures so the glass is usually held by the bowl, helping retain a mildly warmer temperature to help promote the flavours and aromas.Red wines are bettered by oxidation, which is a chemical reaction between the wine and oxygen that helps to further enhance the flavours and aromas of a wine. It is common for red wine glasses to have large capacity bowls which are only designed to be filled around a third. This larger size combined with a rounded shape gives you more room to swirl your red, helping increase the oxidation process.The wider mouth of a red wine glass also helps speed up the oxidation process by simply letting more oxygen reach the wine, while also allowing you to get your nose closer to your chosen tipple to experience the broad range of scents emanating from the glass.

There is a wide variety of red wine glasses that are ideal for use with different wines to best suit their bouquet, however there are two common types of red wine glasses.Bordeaux GlassThe Bordeaux wine glass is designed for full-bodied wines such as Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, and is shaped to allow the wine to reach the back of the throat.

White wine is best served chilled, so the longer stem found on white wine glasses allows you to hold the glass without having to grasp the bowl, warming the chilled contents with your hand.While red wines are enhanced by oxidation, there is less need to aerate a white wine, so the bowl is usually narrower, giving less surface area to the contents, allowing less air to react with the wine.Acting just like the smaller body of a white wine glass, the narrower opening ensures less air can initially enter the glass, helping reduce oxidation, and this also allows the more delicate aromas of a white wine to be concentrated towards your nose when sniffing.

Although there aren't specifically named white wine glasses like there are for red wines (Bordeaux glass and Burgundy glass), there is a couple of basic rules you can follow when selecting the right glass for your favourite wine.For delicate wines such as Riesling or Pinot Gris, choose a narrow glass with a narrow opening to allow the more subtle aromas to travel up the glass.When sampling more spirited white wines such as a Sauvignon Blanc or a Chardonnay, choose a shallower glass with a slight taper towards the mouth as these wines benefit from slight oxidation.

Stemless wine glasses are available for both red wines and white wines, and are commonly chosen for their unique presentation style. While you can serve white or red in a stemless wine glass, they are perhaps best suited to reds because your hand will affect the overall temperature of the contents which goes against the need for a chilled white wine.It is common when serving wine to hold the glass by the stem to ensure the clarity of the glass bowl isn't affected by fingerprints. A glass covered in fingerprints can get in the way of appreciating the colour and clarity of the wine, which is all part and parcel of fully appreciating your wine.

Founded in 1756 and pioneering varietal-specific stemware since 1958, RIEDEL has become the brand of choice for wine connoisseurs and drink specialists, hospitality professionals and consumers globally.

A rose wine glass from Zwiesel Glas is perfect for fine fruity summer wines. Thanks to the slightly curvaceous shape, delicate aromas are set free and the wine can breathe freely in the glass. Rose wine and the lighter white wines are best enjoyed from rose wine glasses, as these bring out the fruity notes and blend in the slight acidity of the wine naturally.

Elegant, slimline rose glasses please the eye at festive tables, summer garden parties or romantic moments à deux. The full spectrum of rose wine hues can glitter in all their glory in these sparkling glasses from Zwiesel Glas, as they draw the eye and beguile the senses.

You dont have to be a connoisseur to agree that wine glasses enhance the experience of drinking wine. Wine glasses are goblets with a stem and foot, each explicitly shaped for an exclusive wine. So whether youre a regular wine drinker or fancy a drink now and then, youre drinkware is incomplete without a wine glass set. And when the set gets old, you can use them as decoration too!

Champagne flutes have a long narrow bowl supported by a tall stem. It is designed to retain the champagnes bubbles and create a more fabulous texture in the mouth. The wine glass price differs from one item based on numerous factors such as its durability, quality, color, and size, among others.

Online stores give you far more choices on the size and design of wine glasses. They are categorized based on capacity, brand, material, size, and price, making your selection easier. Youll also get attractive designs while buying wine glasses online.

Pepperfry houses a wide variety of wine glasses ranging from capacity, set size, and brand. The capacity of the glasses ranges from 200ML to 800 ML. We have glasses exclusively designed for red wine, white wine, and champagne. They are available in sets of 3, 6, or 12 pieces. Whats more, the pricing range of these exquisite wine glass sets starts below Rs 1000!

Crystal wine glasses are a popular option among savvy wine lovers. Professionals choose this thin spun glass for a more elegant experience. However, these are fragile and should be hand washed carefully.

Most wine glasses are dishwasher safe, but you may want to hand-wash the delicate ones. First, soak the glasses in warm vinegar for some time. Then use a scrub brush to clean it and dry it with a microfiber towel.

Red wine glasses from Zwiesel Glas come in classic, flamboyant designs and are admired for their tasteful aesthetic. For the discerning connoisseur and the purist alike, Zwiesel Glas has the right claret, Burgundy or standard glass for a whole range of grape varieties.

The world of wine is diverse and sophisticated, and red wine glasses from Zwiesel Glas do justice to this. We supply wine glasses that help express the soul of red wine and give room for complex aromas to develop. Fine, light red wine belongs in a slim shaped glass, while more powerful and complex characteristics of wine reveal their true potential in the rounder, larger red wine glass.

Whether tough and strong thanks to the unique TRITAN crystal glass or entirely hand-blown, Zwiesel Glas red wine glasses mean quality at the highest level and are the perfect companion for any occasion.

Refresh your drinkware collection and enjoy a tall glass of wine with the stylish range of wine glasses available at Target. Whether you are enjoying your favorite glass of zinfandel or serving your guests some cabernet, the crystal wine glasses at Target are the perfect choice. Crystal wine glasses look elegant, have large rims and slender stems to give an unforgettable wine drinking experience. Being transparent, these wine glasses bring out the brilliant color of its content. If you are looking for something less fragile, then stemless wine glasses are the ideal pick for you. Whether you are a white wine connoisseur or love indulging in rich, full-bodied red wine, our wine glasses which are stemless have an elegant sophistication with a shatter-resistant quality that makes them highly durable. Plastic wine glasses are another great pick for outdoor barbeques and other family gatherings. Not only are these glasses durable, but also easy to maintain and dishwasher-friendly. To showcase the brilliance of white wine, choose the perfectly shaped white wine glasses at Target. Featuring a narrow design, these glasses bring out the true aroma of white wine. Elevate your glassware by picking the wine glasses that suit your drinking needs.

BALANCED For white and red Burgundy, great Piedmontese wines, highly complex but sensitive white and red wines, extremely opulent rosé wines, and old vintage champagne. A perfect glass for wine that is not for decanting because of its sensitive structure, but still requires a great deal of air. This crystal emanates pure consonance. Because of its extremely wide oxidization area, extensive presentation platform, and tapering design, the BALANCED glass can present even discordant wines in a concentrated and extremely elegant way. With this glass, wines become a total aromatic experience without overwhelming them. At the same time, they can reveal their full aroma potential within an extremely short time, making these glasses one of the best wine glasses for serving wine.

*Zalto wine glasses require additional time to pack and ship. You may order as many wine glasses as you wish, but please note that shipping times may vary. We ship based on real time inventory and often require further time to fill large orders. Due to the fragile nature of glass, we ship all wine glasses with additional packaging protection and separately from wine orders. 041b061a72


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