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AHAVA Dead Sea collection is Vegan, Natural, and contains No Harsh ingredients and is suitable for all Skin types even Very Sensitive skins. Absoluteskin is the Official Reseller of AHAVA products in South Africa such as Ahava Mineral Hand Cream, Lotions and Ahava Creams, Ahava's Beauty products are sold in South Africa only online. Ahava's Skin Care Products and moisturisers are only sold ONLINE at in South Africa.

Absoluteskin Cosmetics (Pty) Ltd, opened its doors in Aug 2011, in order to provide top brands at discounted prices. and serve the regional areas of South Africa , AbsoluteSkin since inception has been successful in its goals and has achieved recognition as a leading online cosmetic store. Loved by all!

Adding your child to our waitlist is easy! Click below to be directed to EZCare, our secure, online database management system. From here, you will be able to register your child and make all payments. Yes, we even accept credit cards!

A friend in San Francisco used to ask me to bring her an Ahava eye cream from here, but then she found a website in the US where it was cheaper. I usually buy at The site's in Hebrew, I don't see an English alternative but Google translate seems to work. If you put "ahava" in the search box, their products will come up. If the order's large enough, delivery is free. I don't know if they'll deliver to a hotel, but maybe you could have it delivered to a friend. Or you can pick up an order of any size in their store in central Tel Aviv for free. At least you can see the prices to compare. I haven't found anywhere cheaper. There are no bargains at Ben-Gurion's duty-free. Ahava usually has a 3+1 offer for most of their products so that could be a little cheaper if you want 4 items (of course, the cheapest is the freebie). Sometimes you'll see a sale of a few Ahava items at the Dead Sea shops, including the tourist shops at sights. I stopped going to the factory outlet at the Dead Sea because the last time or two, I didn't find any bargains so it was just a waste of time. The big chain is Superpharm and they are generally more expensive, but if you catch a sale, you might get a good price.

NAOT: We happened to be spending 4 days within a few miles of the NAOT Factory Store in the Upper Galilee. Naot shoes work really well for my problem feet, and cost $170-210 online in the states. I've come across some fantastic bargains on a few pairs ($19 on a closeout rack about 10 years ago, in Charleston, SC!) but nothing recently and my old ones are finally wearing out. My host said that the factory store was definitely worth a look, and said their family goes a few times a year. I was surprised by the large selection and the reasonably good service from the staff. Closeouts were displayed on back shelves (like at TJ MAXX), by size, with a mens, women's and children's section. These were mostly priced at 199 shekels (about $55). New models were displayed in front of the store, and one brought them to a counter, or showed them to a salesperson, who brought the requested size. The new models )for women) were priced at about 380-420 shekels (about $115). These prices included the 17% VAT, and theoretically, one could get this back at the airport, if you don't mind the forms, lines, etc. The company also makes TEVA, and we also saw these, AND KEENs in the men's part of the store. 781b155fdc

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