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Episode 05: 14 Chefs Compete (59 Min)

This is the list of the episodes for the American cooking television series and competition Iron Chef America, produced by Food Network. The series is based on the Japanese series Iron Chef and is a cooking competition in which a challenger chef "battles" one of the resident "Iron Chefs" by cooking five or more dishes in a one-hour time slot based around a secret ingredient or ingredients, and sometimes theme. In most episodes, three judges score the meal in three categories, with 10 points available to each judge for taste, 5 points for creativity, and 5 points for presentation, for a possible total of 60 points. Exceptions are noted for individual episodes.

Episode 05: 14 Chefs Compete (59 min)

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Iron Chef America was first aired as a mini-series entitled Iron Chef America: Battle of the Masters. For Battle of the Masters, two of the original Iron Chefs competed along with three Food Network personalities in various match ups with one another.

^7 Roberto Donna is the first chef to request a re-match.^8 First aired on Food Network Canada on May 3, 2006.^9 Eme brought only one sous-chef to the competition; his other sous-chef was needed to operate his restaurant in his absence. Eme is married to actress Jeri Ryan, who later served as a judge on ICA.^10 Chef Morou won a Washington D.C. preliminary competition in December, 2005 for the chance to compete on the show.^11 Patricia Yeo is the first former ICA sous chef (under Bobby Flay) to compete against an Iron Chef. ^12 Elizabeth Falkner was a sous chef under Cat Cora for several ICA episodes. ^13 This was a special 90-minute episode that pitted two guest Food Network personalities against each other. Each personality was paired with an Iron Chef.^14 Walter Royal had a third sous chef for the first five minutes of the competition. This sous chef, who primarily participated by peeling potatoes, was a 12-year-old working in a mentor program with Chef Royal.^15 This first aired on the Throwdown! with Bobby Flay Marathon on January 1, 2007.

^16 First aired on Food Network Canada on February 11, 2007.^17 Lynn Crawford is the first Canadian woman to compete in Kitchen Stadium. She is a Food Network Canada personality as part of the series Restaurant Makeover.^18 This episode featured a guest mixologist paired with each competing chef. The mixologists were required to prepare a drink to accompany each dish that also highlighted the secret ingredient. The drinks were judged on a 10-point scale (6 for taste, two each for presentation and creativity) which was added to the chef's score for the final score, thus giving a total possible score of 90 points per team.[6]^19 Consisted of bacon, various breads, chicken eggs, maple syrup, orange juice, and pork sausage.^20 Chosen to highlight grilling as a cooking method as part of Food Network's "Grillin' & Chillin'" Week.

^21 Consisted of fresh ingredients purchased from the Green Market at Union Square in New York City, including a variety of winter vegetables, fruit and guinea fowl.^22 An ICA special based around Symon's debut battle as an Iron Chef.^23 Other than his preference for farm-fresh ingredients, no formal specialty was announced for Moore. This is the cuisine style attributed to Agraria in Washington, D.C., where Moore is executive chef.[8]^24 Consisted of traditional American Thanksgiving staples: turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberries, corn, and pumpkin.^25 An ICA special which featured two teams of Food Network personalities facing off in a holiday dessert battle, with each team having one sous chef instead of the usual two.^26 First aired on Food Network on January 20, 2008, after the first two episodes of Season 6 were broadcast.

^27 Oliver's sous chefs were Gennaro Contaldo, his mentor at London's Neal Street Restaurant and his "mate" Andrew Parkinson, also a trained chef, both of whom have previously appeared with him on his television programs.^28 First aired on Food Network on January 1, 2008, following a marathon replay of The Next Iron Chef.^29 First aired on Food Network Canada on February 10, 2008 as part of a chocolate-themed program marathon.^30 First aired during "Brain Freeze Week". In keeping with the theme, the Chairman stipulated each dish must include a frozen element.

^31 According to the program notes, Adjey and Symon were roommates at the Culinary Institute of America. Adjey is also a Food Network Canada personality as part of the series Restaurant Makeover.^32 Art Smith is the first Iron Chef America judge to later appear as a challenger. ^33 Cosentino was a competitor with Symon on the first The Next Iron Chef, and was previously defeated by Mario Batali in Battle Garlic.^34 A special Halloween episode, featuring organ meats (heart, kidney, sweetbreads, tripe, liver) from a variety of animals along with off-cuts such as pig's trotters and coxcomb. The episode also featured appearances by Igor and The Monster from the Broadway production of "Young Frankenstein."^35 This is the first episode in which the new Iron Chef jackets are worn.^36 Secret ingredients included duck, heritage turkey, venison, walnuts, Indian corn, lobster and leeks.^37 One of Amanda Freitag's sous chefs was Ariane Duarte, a contestant on the fifth season of Top Chef. Duarte is not a chef at Freitag's restaurant.^38 Kaysen was a former competitor on The Next Iron Chef; this was his first battle in Kitchen Stadium.^39 Takeo and Shintaro Okamoto previously appeared on Will Work for Food, training Adam Gertler to sculpt ice for an event.

^40 A twin-themed battle, featuring Michael Symon lookalike Psilakis (who previously lost to Cat Cora in Battle Puff Pastry), the twin Carro brothers, and twin judges Tia and Tamera Mowry.^41 There were four judges for this battle, thus a highest possible score of 80, as compared to normal episodes which have three judges and a highest possible score of 60.^42 First Lady Michelle Obama appeared as a special guest at the beginning of this two-hour episode, where she welcomed the chefs and announced the secret ingredient. This is also the last battle featuring Batali as part of the regular cast; it was announced in September 2007 that Batali's contract with Food Network was not being renewed.^43 In Kitchen Stadium, the Chairman supplemented the secret ingredient with a range of locally and sustainably grown meats and seafood, along with goat cheese, eggs, cider vinegar and honey from the White House beehive.^44 Garces' debut as Iron Chef, having won the second season of The Next Iron Chef competition^45 Michael Smith is the host of Food Network Canada's "Chef at Home".^46 Goldman is also the host of Food Network's Ace of Cakes. His experiences on ICA are included in Ace of Cakes episode DB0808L ("Charm City Throwdown"). Goldman's sous chefs were his former mentor, Jean Llapitan, and Shawn Aoki from the Palace Hotel, San Francisco.^47 Richard Blais, who previously competed against Iron Chef Batali in Battle Chickpeas, joins Cat Cora's team as a sous chef.^48 Smith competed on the second season of The Next Iron Chef; this is her first battle in Kitchen Stadium^49 Zakarian appears regularly as a judge on Chopped (TV series).^50 Fraser requested permission to compete without sous chefs; Symon dismissed his upon learning Fraser was competing alone.^51 This battle was a special grill battle, where each dish was to include a grilled element.^52 Makoto Okuwa was a sous chef under Iron Chef Morimoto for several ICA episodes.^53 Crenn competed on the second season of The Next Iron Chef; this is her first battle in Kitchen Stadium^54 This episode was Iron Chef America's first vegetarian battle.^55 Seamus Mullen competed on the second season of The Next Iron Chef; this is his first battle in Kitchen Stadium.^56 Eric Greenspan competed on the second season of The Next Iron Chef; this is his first battle in Kitchen Stadium.

A modification to the judging was made this season. At the end of each chef's presentation, the Chairman asked each judge to sum up their impressions of the chef's dishes, although not every episode includes this segment.

^57 Marc Forgione's debut as an Iron Chef, having won season three of The Next Iron Chef. Forgione previously served as a sous chef for Laurent Tourondel in Battle Goat Cheese during Season 3. ^58 ^62 ^64 ^66 ^68 There were four judges for this episode, thus a maximum possible score of 80.^59 Anne Burrell previously served as one of Mario Batali's sous chefs and hosted the Food Network series Secrets of a Restaurant Chef and Worst Cooks in America.^60 Iron Chef Cat Cora along with Paula Deen previously defeated Chef Robert Irvine along with Chef Tyler Florence in Battle Sugar.^61 Chuck Hughes is the host of the Cooking Channel's Chuck's Day Off.^63 Chef Medina's sous chef, J.C. Pavlovich, previously served as a sous chef for Iron Chef Bobby Flay in multiple battles.^65 At age 24, Hearst is the youngest challenger in series history.^67 Iron Chef Jose Garces was the first to receive a perfect score.

^69 Chef Lee Anne Wong appears on Cooking Channel's "Unique Eats".^70 The fruitcake used in the episode was Alton Brown's "Free Range Fruitcake" from the Good Eats episode "It's a Wonderful Cake".^71 Zakarian's debut as an Iron Chef, having won season four of The Next Iron Chef. Iron Chef Zakarian received a perfect score.^72 Chef Marcela Valladolid appear as the host of the Food Network show Mexican Made Easy. Chef Andrew Zimmern appears on Travel Channel's series Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern and Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre World.^73 Sea Whistle salmon is sustainably farmed salmon raised off the coasts of Scotland and Ireland in the North Atlantic.^74 Each judge could award a maximum of 30 points, 20 for food and 10 for the paired cocktails, for a maximum possible score of 90 points.^75 Chef Jonathan Sawyer was a sous chef under Iron Chef Michael Symon for several ICA episodes.^76 This battle was a special Tailgate Showdown battle. Each chef prepared five dishes to be prepared and served in the manner of tailgating. The battle was held at the Marine Corps Base Hawaii at Kane'ohe Bay, Oahu.^77 Chef Joey Campanaro previously lost to Iron Chef Cat Cora in Battle Venison; his brother Lou served as one of his sous chefs in the battle.^78 Chef Madison Cowan previously appeared on Chopped, and is the first Chopped Grand Champion. His sous chefs were fellow Chopped competitor Lance Nitahara and Chopped judge Amanda Freitag, who competed against Iron Chef Jose Garces in The Next Iron Chef.^79 A special three-way battle in which each Iron Chef was paired with a chef from a branch of the U.S. military. The battle was held at the U. S. Marine Base Hawaii at Kane'ohe Bay, Oahu. Each team made only three dishes instead of the usual five.^80 Iron Chef Symon also battled in the previous Battle Octopus, which he lost.^81 There were four judges for this episode, thus a maximum possible score of 80. 041b061a72


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