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StarCraft 2: Legacy Of The Void

Rest assured it reaches a definite conclusion, but the vast bulk of it is so cloyingly dour, so entirely devoid of wit, warmth or humanity. It's the kind of videogame storytelling that would cause someone who doesn't play videogames to decide, should they walk in on me playing it, that this really is the lowest common denominator of art forms. It's not simply tedious: it's openly humiliating that one of the biggest game-makers in the world believe that all we want is this. I'd be highly tempted to say that this was Blizzard on cruise control, including a token singleplayer effort for a package only really intended for its multiplayer mode. And yet they have, as always, clearly spent an absolute shit-ton of money on cinematics and setpiece levels. This is them being as big as they can be.

StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void

The music from the Opening Cinematic of Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void by Neal Acree. For promotional purposes only.Soundtrack available on iTunes: -2-legacy-void-original/id1050052767For more info please visit www.nealacree.comFollow Neal on Twitter: Neal on Facebook:

You get Dark Templar that either go 'All Ninja' vs all opponents, survive after death and return 100% shields and health or that stun a unit, mostly a defensive structure. You get Zealots that either do the Diablo 3 Barbarian spin of death, stun enemies on contact or revive after being killed, which saves a lot in rebuildiing. But we also get the best nostalgic returns, like the Dragoon, Reaver and Corsair, though I only have a nitpick with the Reaver, and how fast it suddenly is. xD But it must be because I never had the chance of using either Warp Prisms, Shuttles or even Observers in-game, so it must've been sped up to avoid dragging the game, having to wait too long just to get them into position. And it's about as similar, yet as different as Heart of the Swarm, in the fact that you're not choosing a particular upgrade, but a WHOLE different unit altogether. If I have to pick favorites, I'd say Tal'Darim Immortal, Reaver, Dragoon, either Nerazim or Purifier Zealot as well as Sentry.

The being known as Amon thus had at least 1 life similar to Kerrigan did before her transformation to Queen of Blade. He probably had love interests, felt emotions, was happy. This was taken from him (them) when the Xel'naga manipulated them to ascend into new Xel'naga as they had achieved purity. After ascension the Xel'naga then wonder the void making life in new universes and eventually coming back once their creations are ready for ascension to produce a new generation of Xel'naga. Amon hated this because his life was taken away from him in an instant just to produce more life which ultimately individuals would suffer a similar fate that he did and also have their lives taken away from them to become Xel'naga.

Amon was not alone with this thinking. Other Xel'naga (Duran, and others) also felt the same way and suffered similar loss as a result of the cycle. They wanted an existence free of the cycle. They wanted to consume all existence with the void, populating it with their already perfect artificial Xel'naga, the Hybrid. The cycle would be broken as it is already completed and so no one would ever suffer the fate they did, an end to all suffering. With no life the cycle cannot continue and so is broken.

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