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Yet, in the tournament industry, the games are often not the most exciting part of the tournament. If your field is great, the rounds are great, and the games are spectacular, people will stay to see the entire tournament. It begins on the 4th or 5th inning of the first round and lapses from there. Everything that happens after the round is just window dressing.

The easiest method is to use one of the two loaders I've found on the web. (I can find no license information so, please, advise if you have found one.)In Linehan's loader:Start qemu-system-x86_64 --hd hda --scsi c -drive file=boot.scd1:/dev/sda -boot menu=on -module inkexec --variable=vmx_vert -m 2048qemu+dsk1.img

As you can tell, the last 2 points was a pain. I'll change the UEK so it creates the hard disk image for you. The only problem is the kernel is hard coded to use zerombr squash in qemu, but to get zerombr squash to work with UEK you need to patch the UEK, uninstall any existing image, and then patch the UEK again.

ARGH. In case you get the same error as I did, the problem is that the UEFI file system is fat32. This is basically like a dynamic skimmer in a damn good card reader. In fact, fat32 was very popular with cheap USB devices a few years ago. Back then, you had to write a bootloader to allow the device to start correctly. d2c66b5586


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