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[S3E3] Pickle Rick

Rick then exits the sewer via the toilet in some Russian compound. This part of the episode felt more like padding than the other sections, partly due to the slowing of the action for Rick to play a cat-and-mouse game with the Russians hunting him. The Russian compound climaxes with an action scene that is fairly tame in comparison to the earlier sewer scene. Eventually Rick makes it to therapy, and after getting his anti-pickle serum, he tries to reconcile with Beth.

[S3E3] Pickle Rick

The majority of this episode followed Rick after he turns himself into a pickle to get out of going to family counseling. When his plan goes awry, his plot quickly turns into a survival/action story, committing so fully and immediately to action tropes, it was reminiscent of the very best genre-homage episodes of Community. We watch Rick create a Cronenbergian warrior body, battle killer rats and unspecified foreign operatives, and live through a full emotional arc with an adversary-turned-partner named Jaguar. The entire thing is pitch-perfect satirical homage, as emotionally gripping as it was hysterical.

It says a lot of about the brilliant, weird state of television today that one of the most psychologically astute pieces of modern entertainment centered around a man who turned himself into a pickle.

In this iconic episode, Rick finds himself being hunted by a legendary soldier called Jaguar after he turned himself into a pickle. (Typical scenario on Rick & Morty.) Rick and Jaguar start off as bitter rivals but join forces after the agency that hired Jaguar turn on him. The episode concludes with Jaguar saving Rick and Morty from a killer piano. (Another pretty typical situation on this show.) 041b061a72


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