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How to Use Virtual DJ Mixlab V3.1 Skin in VDJ 8

How to Use Virtual DJ Mixlab V3.1 Skin in VDJ 8

If you are a fan of the popular Virtual DJ Mixlab V3.1 skin, you might be wondering how to use it in the latest version of Virtual DJ (VDJ 8). The Mixlab V3.1 skin is one of the most downloaded and used skins in the Virtual DJ community, thanks to its simple and intuitive design, its large and clear buttons, and its EQ crossfaders that allow you to adjust the bass, mid and treble of each deck independently.

However, the Mixlab V3.1 skin was originally created for VDJ 7, and it does not work properly in VDJ 8. Some of the elements are overlapping, missing or not functioning as expected. This can be frustrating for those who want to enjoy the Mixlab V3.1 skin in VDJ 8.

virtual dj mixlab v3.1 skin

Fortunately, there is a solution. A user named groovindj has updated the XML code of the Mixlab V3.1 skin so that it works in VDJ 8. He has also added some new functions to some of the unfinished parts of the original skin. You can download his updated version of the Mixlab V3.1 skin from the Virtual DJ website.

In this article, we will show you how to install and use the updated Mixlab V3.1 skin in VDJ 8. We will also explain some of the features and benefits of this skin, and how it can enhance your DJing experience.

How to Install the Updated Mixlab V3.1 Skin in VDJ 8

Installing the updated Mixlab V3.1 skin in VDJ 8 is very easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Download the updated Mixlab V3.1 skin from this link. You will need to log in with your Virtual DJ account to access the download page.

  • Extract the zip file to your computer. You will get a folder named "MixLab 3.1 updated for VDJ 8".

  • Copy or move this folder to your Virtual DJ skins folder. The default location of this folder is C:\Users\YourName\Documents\VirtualDJ\Skins.

  • Open VDJ 8 and go to Settings > Interface > Skins.

  • Select "MixLab 3.1 updated for VDJ 8" from the list of available skins.

  • Click Apply and enjoy your new skin!

How to Use the Updated Mixlab V3.1 Skin in VDJ 8

The updated Mixlab V3.1 skin has a similar layout and functionality as the original one, but with some improvements and additions. Here are some of the main features and benefits of this skin:

  • The skin has a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, which is suitable for most laptops and monitors.

  • The skin has two decks, each with a large waveform display, a pitch slider, a play/pause button, a cue button, a sync button, a loop button, an effects button, a sampler button, a keylock button, a vinyl mode button, and a browser button.

  • The skin has a mixer section with three EQ crossfaders for each deck, a gain knob, a headphone cue button, a volume fader, a crossfader curve knob, and a crossfader.

  • The skin has an effects section with four slots for each deck, where you can select and adjust different effects such as echo, flanger, reverb, etc.

  • The skin has a sampler section with twelve slots for each deck, where you can load and trigger different samples such as drums, vocals, horns, etc.

  • The skin has a browser section with a search box, a file tree, a file list, and a file info panel.

  • The skin has some additional buttons on the right side of the browser section that allow you to access other features such as record, broadcast, automix, video mix, karaoke mode, etc.


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